Getting Started: Tips for YOUR Next Video Project

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Many video and marketing firms will insist on a “we know best” approach to building your video project. At Rapid Eye Digital, we want to hear what YOU want. We view each project as a collaboration, combined with YOUR input and our professional guidance. With that in mind, here are some tips for getting started on YOUR next video project.

1. Make a List
First, create an outline of all the major points you want to communicate with your video. Highlight the main message or topic you want to cover. Narrow down the specific audience you want to target with your video.

2. Collect & Evaluate
Gather existing marketing materials such as original logo files, flyers, website links, existing video projects, product photos, etc. Create a list and folder for all those items. Throw out or take note of items you no longer like or don’t fit for this project. If there are certain key features of your branding that you want to emphasize, make note as well.

3. Get Inspired
Most likely the video company you choose has many creative influences that they bring to your project. You can fuel this creative phase by offering examples of media that specifically impact you. Make a list of movies you like, favorite TV shows, music you like, artists work you enjoy. Write down links to media if you have them. Don’t worry if these seem unrelated to your video project. They are a creative stimulus out of which your project will grow.

4. Research
Next, find examples of specific video projects that relate to yours. Note at least 2 that you like and one that you don’t like. Then explain why or what you like/dislike about each. If this video is from a competitor, think of how you’d like your video to be better. Consider whether you like videos with an actor or with your staff, 2D animation with mostly text and narration, or perhaps 3D animation with a character. Ultimately, your video company will advise you on the best approach to communicating your vision.

Following these 4 tips will get you more involved with your next video project and hopefully lead to a more successful and satisfying result.

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