Product 3D Modeling

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While fun, cinematic 3D animations make it onto our reel, a lot of the 3D modeling work behind the scenes is establishing a catalog of product models. One of the advantages of 3D models is that once they are created, typically modeled to precise spec from CAD drawings and reference photography, they can be reused in a variety of applications from brochures, manuals, website imagery, to animations. These models can be turned and viewed from any angle or distance, assembled or exploded apart, or installed based on real world application.

Ecofasten approached us to create over 300 product renders to be used in their digital catalog, instruction manuals, product brochures, and on their website as beauty shots. We also created a few 3D animations demonstrating how some of the components install or function. The project started by accurately modeling and texturing each individual part to spec. These models were then arranged and rendered snapshots taken in various stages of installation. The resulting images are less cluttered and more consistent than photography and allowed for the creation of some imagery before the components were manufactured. You can check out some of the results by browsing Ecofasten’s brochure and manuals page



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