Preproduction: A Client’s Guide

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So you’re tasked with finding a production studio to create a video or animation for your business. On top of just finding a studio to work with, the planning and preproduction phase can seem like an overwhelming task. For most new clients, we start with educating them on our process, what to expect, and what information, direction, or assets we need from them. While every project varies, we thought we’d breakdown a list of the most common items you’ll need to think about when planning for a video project.

Initial Questions
Here area few questions you might ask internally when planning for a video project:
• What is the purpose of this video?
• What is the primary message you are trying to communicate?
• Who is the audience?
• Where will this video be displayed or how will it be used?
• Are there existing videos internal or external which you like? For example, is there a marketing video from another company that you thought was really successful? Take a moment to collect some links of videos you like and make notes for elements or concepts you’d like to draw from.
• What is the general concept for your video?
• How much do you have to spend on the video production?

Needed for Quote
As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, our method quotes out projects in a very detailed way. This takes a bit longer to arrive at a quote but saves cost for our clients by avoiding broadly padded numbers for the production. Below is a list of items we most commonly need in order to develop a detailed quote.
• What is the expected length of the video/animation?
• What is the due date for first look? For final delivery?
• Where will the video be displayed?
• Are you looking for animation or live action video?
• As best you can, describe the style of animation or video you are looking for. If animation, are you wanting infographic/iconic graphics, 2D or 3D animation, character animation, product animation, narrative or explainer, cartoony or realistic, etc? If live action, are you looking for interviews, documentary, product video, a narrative or demonstration, with employees, clients, or actors?  It may be easiest to share links to videos you’ve found which are similar to what you want to create.
• Do you have a concept for the video?

Needed for Production
For each project, we take on varied roles in preproduction. Some clients have very detailed plans and scripts to follow, while others rely on us to research and develop the concept and script for the video entirely. In addition, there are a number of basic assets we’ll need from you in order to get started with production. In an older article, we talk about what assets we often need and the importance of quality assets Below is a list of information or assets we’ll need for most productions:
• Basic outline for the video – this will build the framework for a more detailed script
• Script – this can be developed by you or included in the scope of work for the production studio
• Storyboard – again either client or studio can create but will be necessary before production begins
• Proof of Concept – This is usually created by the Production Studio but we are including here as it is very common in this phase of production. The proof of concept is some sort of visual mockup that makes sure everyone is on the same page with regards to what the production will look like.
• Brand Assets – Company and/or product logos, brand guidelines, fonts
• Video Assets – If the project is to incorporate existing videos, imagery, or sound, these will need to be collected and provided.

It may seem like a daunting list, but we are here to help the client through the process. As much of our business comes from repeat clients, we gain an in-depth knowledge of their business, their likes/dislikes, their brand direction, and their customers, allowing us to make recommendations or better predict the answers to many of these questions. The ultimate goal is a video which exceeds your expectations and is on budget and delivered on time.

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