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We are excited to announce a new service category – App Promos. Rapid Eye Digital can create a custom trailer to promote your iOS, Android, Facebook, or other mobile or platform applications.

With all the apps out there for mobile devices, its often hard to stand out from the crowd. Developers are getting more creative in their efforts to promote their product. App promos can range in complexity from a simple tour or tutorial of the app, to a full narrative commercial with high production value. Our most popular service is video game trailer production. Rapid Eye Digital produces 3D, illustrated 2D, or graphic animated game trailers, combining in-game footage with newly-created cinematic elements. Below are details of services we offer.

Check out a few samples:

Customer Quotes
“This is our best trailer yet!”
~ GREE International, Inc. – Monster Quest Trailer

“With every project, I continue to be wowed by the team, and I look forward to working with them on the next project!”
~ Making Fun, Inc.

“Rapid Eye Digital has time and time again, far exceeded my expectations and has always delivered a creative, top-notch, high quality end result ahead of time and under budget.”
~ Real World Media Labs

Game Capture
We can capture in-game footage or gameplay of your iOS, Android, or Facebook app. These clips can then be edited into a longer promo or published to short tours on YouTube, etc. Our team can layer effects or other assets on top of the game footage. For example, particle animation can be added on top of in-game explosions to add a more 3-Dimensional experience.

Motion Graphics
Tie your game together with stylish titles and graphics. We can animate your logo to add flare to the start or end of your promo. Highlights or other elements can be added to call attention to areas of the screen, for example button pushes.

Live Host Demo
An example of an interactive app demo with a live host

Cinematic Animation
Our team can create high-end 3D animated cinematics to accompany your app. We can recreate your assets as 3D models, add animation, realistic lighting and textures, then export movie clips as stunning narrative cinematics.

Live Action
Our experience crew can record scripted live action scenes to accompany your promo. These can once again be guided tours of your app or narratives to add humor or drama to your promo.

Our videos can be output for playback on mobile or desktop environments, on any OS. We can even format trailers to play within the app catalog with your game. There are so many creative ways to promote your new app. Contact us to find out how we can produce a customized promotional video to drive the attention your app deserves.

The R.E.D. Team
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