Animation Isn’t Just for Kids – Part 1

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Utter the word “animation” and many are quick to jump to the conclusion that it must be “just for kids”. However, animation is everywhere today and geared towards almost any audience. In many cases, it may be the most effective, clear, or possible way to communicate certain information. If speaking to 20 to 35 yr. olds, animation may not only be expected, but also the preferred medium for communication. For this blog series, we’ll explore the many uses and advantages of animation in the business world.

Part 1: Product Visualization

These days product engineers take their ideas directly from the brain to the computer. Software has advanced to be able to visualize, test, troubleshoot, engineer, and market new products before they even exist in the physical form.

The Digital Prototype
In most cases a 3D model is created of the product in the computer. This model can be purely conceptual to engage the imagination of the viewer, much like a concept car at a car show. It can also be detailed to a microscopic level of precision necessary for manufacturing certain products. Unlike drawings, animation can allow the viewer to see the product from all angles. If the product is meant to move, that too can be visualized. All of this can be performed through animation of this digital prototype.

As most products require a great deal of investment before the first prototype or batch run can occur, digital prototyping allows investors greater clarity into exactly what they will be funding. More accurate feedback becomes possible from an early stage. Animation adds wow-factor to investor pitches where just another Powerpoint is expected.

The Microscopic Eye
Even if you already have a physical product, animation may still be the most effective or necessary way to talk about it. This is because animation can go where a traditional camera or the naked eye cannot. Imagine trying to train a technician on the inner workings of a new computer part the size of a stamp. With animation there are no size boundaries. It can be highly effective for product training or engaging interest in consumers by showing them a view that is unexpected.

You can view an example of a product animation below.

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