Live Projection Events: A New Way of Marketing

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As businesses compete to get their message out there, new strategies are constantly being invented. One such trend has emerged: Live Projection Events. They typically involve projecting high resolution video and animation onto a structure or large surface in public space. Often the animation interacts with the features of the existing building or structure. The technical term you may hear is Architectural Projection Mapping. These have the draw and appeal of performance art and create a captive audience upon which to impart your cleverly embedded message.

We had the pleasure of working on one such project this past October. The event was orchestrated by Connected Productions for Lunesta; and took place in New York City. Check out the video below.

Date: October 28, 2011
Creative Direction & Production: Connected Productions
Location: Gansevoort Hotel Meatpacking – New York City

Projects of this nature do not come without a fair list of technical challenges. They require a very high-powered projector, weeks or even months of research and preparation, and a large animation team to pull off the effects. But from that hard work comes tremendous payoff, a notable live performance that lives on through viral web postings. Its something to consider the next time your business is searching for new ways to make an impact.

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