The Age of Innovation

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With a sporadic local and global economy, a business’s success has become linked with its ability to innovate and adapt. A business must be nimble and quickly rethink its business model, how it reaches its customers, and new ways to innovate its products and services. This is a time for small businesses and start-ups to shine.

CareerBuilder lists the top growing careers are in the technology, networking, bio and medical fields. Business, entertainment, communication are all gearing towards the mobile world like never before. In the same period that the economy has slowed, traditional mobile phones have been nearly replaced by more expensive smartphones. People desire innovation.

Doing business as usual doesn’t apply anymore. Companies that are doing really well have adapted to add new services. They have refreshed their business to better serve their customers’ needs now. New businesses have sprung up to satisfy growing needs that didn’t exist before. These small businesses are empowered by technology that allows them to compete with larger established companies. The scales are balanced and just because a company has been in business for many years doesn’t secure its hold on the market anymore. This is a time to rethink your business.

Its also a time to rethink how your company markets itself. Everybody knows the web can be a powerful tool to promote products and services. Video can help companies to stand out on the web. Quality video content has been proven to better grab a viewer’s attention, keep their attention longer, inform a viewer in a clear succinct manner, convert clicks into sales or requests for more info, and leave lasting impressions from the visual experience. Video communicates personality of a company and for a company wishing to change its image, allows a quick and effective way to do so. Video can make a small business appear larger, more established or give a large company a smaller, more comfortable image. Video is a marketing tool that allows a company to quickly innovate.

Animation can be a powerful, eye-catching alternative to more traditional video interviews and talking heads. Unlike live action, animation can be pretty much whatever you want it to be. Animation can visualize complex concepts not possible with traditional video. Animation studios and creative artists are constantly searching for the next new visual experience that takes viewers beyond anything they’ve seen before. Applying these visual innovations to a company’s marketing collateral allows them to stand out from the crowd.

Interactive media – mobile apps, web apps, interactive landing pages – all are innovative ways to get your message out there and create a compelling experience that makes it stick. Interactive media combines the best of animation, video, and web experiences into one. It forces the viewer to watch, listen, touch, make decisions, and act. These experiences are entertaining and most importantly memorable. They are another way companies big and small are innovating to stay successful.

The slow economy presents obvious challenges but also the opportunity to vault your business beyond the competition. Its all weighed on your ability to innovate.

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