QuickTip: Ideal Video Length

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One of the most common questions we get asked is, how long should my video be? While the ideal video length really depends on the purpose of the video, for the sake of this discussion, we’ll focus on the length of web marketing videos. There are 2 main points to consider when determining the proper length of your video.

90 Seconds Max
Expect that you will lose most viewers within the first 30 seconds. Know that really long videos can be intimidating to viewers which may prevent them from watching in the first place. Once you have their attention and they want to learn more, they will be willing to sit through a much longer, detailed video.

Content Over Size
It is important to understand the goal of the video going in. Create a video that 1) gets their attention, 2) delivers your message, and 3) explains what they should do next. The video should be the length of time necessary to accomplish this goal, while also not surpassing 90 seconds. Understand that you have the rest of the webpage and followup videos to go into more detail.

We hope this helps, and check back soon for more quick tips!

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