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We asked some of our clients to tell us what they think of Rapid Eye Digital. Their responses were humbling, interesting, and in some cases, hilarious. We wanted to share a bit of what they had to say.

    Randi Barshack, CMO – xMatters

I’m a former video producer myself- so working with me can’t be easy…What I love about working with Rapid Eye is that they take your original idea combine it with some poetic license and come up with something that just blows you away. Oh, and usually in an insanely rapid timeframe. This is not just a team of ‘video producers’ but talented storytellers adept at using the latest tools (especially 3D and special effects) to enhance the story. On top of it all, they’re great people to work with.

    Charity Hudnall, Director of Marketing – Ascent

I have been working with Rapid Eye Digital for well over 6 years now. They have helped me grow my digital strategy to a great level of quality. The relationship we have is very unique as they are truly a valued partner and not just a vendor. They invest and care about our projects and take the time to ensure that the product they deliver meets and exceeds expectation. I will continue to work with Rapid Eye for years to come and recommend them to any marketing organization looking to be successful and aligned with the recent trends to captivate their audience.

    Don Takemura, VP Marketing – Making Fun Inc.

RapidEye Digital is my go-to partner for all of my video needs. They just “get it,” and they can produce amazing, creative videos with either a lot of direction (with storyboards and script), or with very little direction other than some assets, a target audience, and overall objective. With every project, I continue to be wowed by the team, and I look forward to working with them on the next project!

    Dennis Fountaine, Owner – Rocket Science Labs

I have worked with Rapid Eye Digital for close to four years now and am confused as to why I continue to work with them – for reasons I have never understood, they continue to produce all of their productions on B&W VHS Tape, claiming they like the “retro look” – but for every production?

They are very professional, easy to work with but always require a full service menu of food, women, drugs and alcohol on set at all times – which as a client are forced to pay for.

Their creative production skills shine when they are tripped out on LSD, but I always get more than what I expected with their end result.

Working with Ben Young and Rapid Eye Digital has been an on-going struggle but well worth the embarrassment and hassle and police involvement.

I can confidently recommend Rapid Eye Digital for any of your production needs, but only if you have money to burn and an open mind to their video debauchery.

Joking aside, Rapid Eye Digital has time and time again, far exceeded my expectations and has always, without a doubt, delivered a creative, top notch, high quality end result a head of time and under budget. I constantly have many choices in video and animation companies but I always choose Rapid Eye Digital because I know they get the job done.

Thank you to all our clients for your kind words and for continuing to work with us. We are honored that you choose us and hope we can continue to innovate and improve our service offerings.

Ben Young
Partner | Head of Production



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