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In the past, we’ve discussed the importance of having a strong creative plan before starting production on a video. Strategically planning for volume video production saves time, cost, and extends the life of a particular marketing campaign.

Video Series Pipeline
When we approach a video series, like any project, we start with planning. Our goal is to arrive at a solid concept that works across the entire series. This plan initiates the production of a prototype video. This is often the first video in the series or the one which best encapsulates the overall concept. This prototype can then be reviewed by all stakeholders. Feedback can be gathered and the video is often field tested to get target audience reaction. Changes can then be made to the prototype which then impacts the direction for the remaining videos in the series. Once all is approved, production can begin on the remaining videos in the series.

Time Efficient
Choosing to develop a video series rather than a single video can dramatically cut production time per video, while rapidly increasing the volume of content. A video series and a single video, both follow the same basic production structure: Planning, production, review and revisions, and publishing. In a video series, like in a single video, creative development is done just once, at the start of the project. This overall concept is applied intelligently across the entire series. As this is a huge step in any production, having to only do it once is a real time saver. In the case of live action video, we can often capture all the footage needed for the entire series, at once, rather than scheduled over separate days. This makes for a very efficient video shoot. With 3D animation, a big step is usually modeling or building the character or product in the 3D software. This model can then be animated as needed for an unlimited number of videos, without needing to redo this modeling process. Since the prototype video has already been approved, production on the remaining series is also more efficient. Less interim approvals and back and forth are needed so production can move full speed ahead to the final product.

Cost Efficient
Obviously time is money, so the savings in time mentioned above all contribute to a greater cost value. Universally, buying in bulk, typically elicits some sort of discount. In video production, there is often a clear correlation between time spent or saved and the cost of production. Live action shoots are complex – scheduling and paying acting talent, crew, directors, studios, arranging on-location sets, and making sure this schedule aligns with the client and all necessary stakeholders that need to be present. Production crew, talent, studios, production gear rentals, etc, all charge by the day (usually 10 hours). So regardless of whether you use them for that entire time, the cost is the same. This is due to 2 reasons: 1. It takes the same amount of time to prepare for a 1 hour shoot as it does a 10 hour shoot and 2. whether the crew works for 1 hour or 10, they can’t book another shoot for the same day. Therefore, we always encourage our clients to maximize the time while on a video shoot. A series allows for capturing content for multiple videos at once, filling each day. This means less scheduling, less partial days wasted, and more content gathered in a relative short period of time. At Rapid Eye, we typically will bill once for creative development at the start, and then negotiate a per-video rate to complete production on the series. This gives the client a predictable cost moving forward.

Long Term Benefits
Perhaps the biggest gain of this approach is the volume of content you now have at your disposal. A marketing video series can be spread out over several weeks or months, ensuring the audience will see content which is new and fresh. Serial content can have greater engagement, for example by telling an on-going story. Customers more quickly recognize your brand through the familiar theme or concept carried throughout a series.

It should be emphasized that volume of content does not trump quality content, nor are we encouraging this. We suggest developing a solid creative plan for building a video series. If done correctly, you are able to maintain quality, while maximizing value, by cutting out unnecessary repeat operations required by multiple single video productions.

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